TITLES: Daughter of Sevonde, Duchess of Agarise, Regent of the College of Califata
AGE: 23
RELATIONS: King Honore (Father), Queen Florina (Mother), Mireille (Sister), Flore (Sister), Lise (Sister), Oriane (Sister), Philippe (Nephew)


The fourth daughter of King Honore I of Sevonde, Margot has never been interested in statecraft. Instead, she spends her days trying to reconstruct the lost art of necromancy.

It has been three hundred years since the first College of Califata burned, taking with it the accumulated knowledge of a century and every living necromancer. Only fragments survive: marginalia in manuscripts, half-crumbled codices, and the occasional faded letter. While most members of the court spend their days engaged in leisure and intrigue, Margot is sequestered in her lab, hard at work putting the pieces together. She is a founding member of the second College of Califata, and takes her role as a Regent very seriously.

… Then again, there isn’t much Margot does not take seriously. She has a reputation for being humorless and has no time for “frivolous” pursuits like politics. Margot firmly believes there is no problem a vigorous application of the scientific method can’t solve.


TITLES: Daughter of Sevonde, Duchess of Guerraine
AGE: 21
RELATIONS: King Honore (Father), Queen Florina (Mother), Mireille (Sister), Flore (Sister), Lise (Sister), Margot (Sister), Philippe (Nephew), Victor (Husband)


Despite growing up in the nursery together, Oriane and Margot couldn’t be more different. Where Margot is stern and reserved, her younger sister is merry and charming. Where courtiers titter at Margot’s plain face and dour gowns, Oriane is celebrated as the beauty of Loris. But both sisters share the burden of rumor and innuendo: while eyebrows are raised at Margot’s lack of romantic entanglements, there are whispers that Oriane has far too many.

Oriane is aware of her reputation, and in some ways, even encourages it — beneath the artfully arranged wigs is a young woman with a sharp mind and a keen interest in politics. Trapped by a rank that offers her fame but very little real power, alternately objectified and vilified by the public, Oriane’s biggest advantage may be that she is underestimated. It certainly makes operating outside the system easier.


TITLES: Duc Derosiers, Deputy of the Royal Society of Alchemists
AGE: 36
RELATIONS: Auguste (Father),  Carine (Mother), Olivier (Brother — deceased)

The second son of the second house of Sevonde, Leandre would seem destined to fall just shy of true greatness. But in the past five years, his fortunes have changed: the death of his elder brother granted him the title of Duc, while his network of informants and well-funded personal army has made him a very powerful man. The question, of course, is how he chooses to use these resources.

Presently, Leandre is more preoccupied with alchemy. As one of most gifted alchemists of his generation, he’s held the post of Deputy of the Royal Society of Alchemists for close to a decade. Recently, though, he suffered a stinging defeat in the Society election for the title of Master. Leandre has never been a particularly pleasant individual — and losing to a newcomer has done little to diminish his more disagreeable qualities.