This page. THIS PAGE.

I don’t know why, but I just could. not. get. that first panel. I think it’s because I tried to circumvent doing a true two point perspective (too lazy to extend the canvas), and when the resulting drawing looked funny, I tried to fix it with the perspective tool, which just borked things up even more. So this took waaaay longer than it should have. I guess the upside is that I figured out some techniques to at least make the inking go a little more smoothly?

(The funny thing is, I didn’t struggle with the second panel at all, it’s pretty much exactly as I imagined it and took very little effort to get right. And after allllll the work I put in on the first one … the second is still my favorite. Haaaaaa.)

Anyway! Last scene of the chapter! The next page will be posted Monday, February 6.