One quick house-cleaning note: this weekend I realized “Sevalle” is pretty close to “Sevallia” in Sfeer Theory. It was an unintentional goof, but I’m planning to fix it here (and in any world-building info, such as the map) as soon as I can come up with a decent replacement name. Apologies!

As for this page … uh, how you like that exposition? I made a conscious decision when I started this comic that I didn’t want to do external narration — I wanted to cover everything important with dialogue and visual information, and perhaps some short prose for supplemental world-building. But I also didn’t want readers who don’t have time to read every bit of minutiae left confused, so I’m trying to sneak stuff in where I can. Hopefully y’all don’t find it too awkward. >.> <.<

The next update will be Monday, February 13.