Fleece noticed something in the previous page that shows up once more here: Margot sticks to the facts. “Maybe he climbed in through a window” is about as close as she’ll go to speculation — which is sort of funny, because as much as she has a LOT of me in her, her flat refusal to engage in any sort of conjecture is the exact opposite of me. (As anyone who has talked to me about politics lately will tell you, haha.) Privately, I think she’s just as curious as the Captain here. But I also think she likes to think of herself as a scientifically minded, so she keeps her speculation to herself. (The irony, of course, is that she has some pretty unorthodox theories about necromancy, and she’s perfectly happy to blather about those. There will be plenty of that in upcoming chapters.)

Anyway, thank you again everyone who has been leaving comments! I really enjoy reading them, and they give me a ton of encouragement. Y’all are so good to me!

The next update will be Monday, February 20.