WELP. And there you have it! The last page of chapter one! (I hope you aren’t too disappointed. >.>)

Finishing the first bit of anything is always the hardest, and never something you can accomplish on your own. So I’d like to thank:

  • Bethany: for always ALWAYS listening to my word vomit, for giving the best advice, for years of encouragement. Califata literally would not be happening without you.
  • Mom and Beth: for reading and being supportive even though I know comics are so not your thing. šŸ˜‰
  • Emma and Dave: for being great friends and never rolling their eyes when I started to babble about my ~story~.
  • Neeka and Esther: for unflagging encouragement and interest, even when I was struggling.
  • Commenters here: Starchaser, for your eye for detail (which seriously makes the hours spent inking/coloring allll worth it); Fleece for your smart comments; Sarah M. for making me laugh; KaiJu for y’all’s art insights.
  • And finally, all the amazing people in the webcomic community who have been so welcoming: KaiJu (Novae), Kara (Mr. Hare & Mr. Bear), Shawn (How to be a Werewolf), Breebird (Patrik The Vampire), Diana (The Lonely Vincent Bellingham), Loki (Until the Last Dog Dies), Zazb/Eve Bolt (Thief of Tales), Heysawbones (Modus Operandi), and Ariel (Witchy).

I’m gonna take a month off to rebuild my buffer (currently at four pages, yikes) with the hope that I can continue to stick to my schedule without any interruptions. But I’m excited for chapter two! There’s at least one new character (and maybe two)! New places to explore — Margot’s world gets a lot bigger! And most importantly, there are WIGS! Big, beautiful powdered WIGS!

The next update will be Monday, March 20.