Welp! And we’re back to the lecture hall. Little thing about Margot’s speech here: I waffled on editing the “second life here, indefinitely” line, because it seems a bit thoughtless. I mean, what about overpopulation? Inheritance? But I ended up keeping it in because I don’t think those are things Margot has thought about. She’s an idealist, and moreover, she’s sheltered by her privilege. She’s never lived cheek by jowl, or gone to bed hungry. It seemed like it might be a good opportunity to show a blind spot.

Some news on hiatus: there will either be one or two pages after this page, and then I’ll be gone until July 31. I had originally hoped to keep posting through the end of June, but these lecture hall pages are taking way too long. (Luckily, there are only about four total in this scene … and then I’m done with this scene! Done foreveeeeer!) I had a minor meltdown about it last weekend, but I took some time off from working on the comic this week and now I’m feeling better, so with a little luck I’ll have that page fourteen ready to post on June 19. :< (It’d be a more natural break than page thirteen. Plus, it would be page forty overall! So that would be cool.) Regardless, sorry about the hiatus. I’m hoping it’ll give me time to rest and maybe reset my brain a little so I can come back to working on this with fresh eyes.

The next update will be Monday, June 12.