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You know what’s fun about this page? CHARACTERS. Granted, they aren’t saying much, but it was just so much fun to finally draw some of the supporting cast. In case you’re curious, here’s a quick rundown of the Regents in the first panel:



Known as the father of the second College, Emeric is a kindly, genteel aristocrat and Margot’s close friend. After becoming a widower in his early forties, he found peace in long rambles around his country estate — eventually becoming an amateur naturalist. But as he collected more and more volumes about plants, animals, and medicine, he began to see overlapping references to the forgotten art of necromancy. Emeric’s research led him to befriend others who had similar curiosity, who had thus far maintained a quiet correspondence of ideas and scholarship. The Leclare name lent their studies a certain legitimacy, and it was Emeric who was chosen to represent the group to petition the King to re-form the College, Emeric who became the first man to take the Flame in centuries.



Franz is a guest at court from the faraway Empire of Eppenbeck. Though Franz is has a reputation for flamboyant suits and fastidiously clean linen, he is also a gifted physician with no aversion to blood and death. Rumored to be a close confidante of Empress Hildegard herself, Franz’s interest and investment into the College are believed to be on behalf of her famous quest for immortality.






Known simply as “Frelle” to the members of the College, Eugenie Frelle is a the only Regent who has no interest in becoming a Califata herself. She’s a sour, caustic old crank with little patience for small talk … and there are rumors she was that way before her husband and entire household were murdered in a botched robbery on the King’s road two years ago. As the College’s treasurer, Frelle has a direct hand in making sure the College spends the vast sums of her husband’s estate wisely.





The third most powerful man in Sevonde, Frederic is a sweet-tempered, fiercely loyal, brilliant scholar of history and tactics. The Ducs of Vaise have traditionally provided the military might of Sevonde, and while Frederic is not much of a fighter himself, he has shown himself to be a very capable commander-in-chief. Frederic brings a strong understanding of the history of Sevonde to the Regent’s Table, as well as an interest in the miliary applications of necromancy — an interest shared at the highest levels of government.




And that third panel?



Not a Regent. Not rich. And super, super not impressed.

(Hopefully, this chapter will reach Sylvan’s intro.)






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