I had no idea when I started writing this scene that Moreau was such an opportunist. :3 As I probably mentioned before, this scene was originally shorter — this portion of it was stitched in from another that came a few chapters down the road, but I ended up thinking it more important to get this stuff out in the open now.

Speaking of chapters: we’re coming up on the end of chapter two pretty soon here, within five pages or so. Unfortunately, I’m going to need to take a little break after the next page (where this scene ends) to get shit in order; I started back at work a few weeks back and I’m trying to adjust to that schedule. (Also: I just adopted a new cat. >.> So getting him acclimated is going to take some of my attention, too.) I’m hoping it won’t be more than a couple of weeks, but Caitlin Like of Maiden of the Machine has graciously allowed me to post a gift art she made for one of those weeks, so it won’t be without fun! Maybe I’ll even try to get a sketch or two up. 🙂

The next update will be Monday, September 25.