UPDATE: 12/22/17

Hi y’all! Just wanted to drop by and let you know how chapter three is chugging along! So far I’ve finished all the script revisions, and three pages are in the can. I’d like to get up to at least five so I can have some breathing room for when work gets crazy, so I’m over the hump now! I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but like the beginning of chapter two, these first few pages are a crowd-scene doozy — luckily, though, things get a bit easier from page four onward.

Wishing y’all happy holidays, and a great beginning to 2018! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll make some good progress over my break and be ready to resume posting again in January.

This page marks a few milestones: end of chapter two! Page fifty! And as of Friday, Califata will be one year old! πŸŽ‰

I know this isn’t the most exciting cliffhanger, but it seemed like the best break in the story for now that will give me a little space to build up the buffer, tweak the script, and try some changes to my workflow to make things go faster. (Plus, if I’d gone through with my original plan to carry this chapter through to the end of the party, it would have gotten very lopsided compared to chapter one.) I don’t have any specific date decided for a return, but I’ll definitely keep y’all updated both here and Twitter as I make progress. My goal, though, is to not have to take any big breaks for chapter three, and I’m hoping that some buffer and a streamlined process will help me achieve that.

Chapter two showed a bit more of Margot’s world, and chapter three will begin to explore the College itself: some of its mythology, its members, and what, exactly, they hope to achieve. Margot will find that other peoples’ motives are perhaps not so pure as her own, and make an new ally. Oriane will have a chat with their father. And, of course, there will be all the wigs and other Baroque nonsense I love to draw.

So I hope you’ll join me again for chapter three! πŸ˜€ Until then, Happy Halloween, and thanks again (as always) for reading Califata!