Page nine! I’m kind of astounded we’re already close to ten pages into chapter two. Prior to going into boards, it was really difficult for me to get ten pages of anything done. (And this is actually page 35 of the overall story, which is an even rarer milestone for me.) One of the things I think I’m learning for this story is that it’s a lot easier to keep on track if I just tackle it one panel at a time, but I have to keep my nose to the grindstone too: so far, it’s one part discipline to three parts tunnel vision. Thirty-five pages is a lot for me, but at this point, I’ve also been working on this for fourteen months.

As for the page itself — one of the things I want to play with in later bits is just what Leandre and Margot think of each other. Oriane is that sliver of the Venn diagram where they overlap, but I just love the idea of two people who are similar in how they approach their goals but have nothing but contempt for each other, hahaha.

The next update will be Monday, May 22.