… I’m sort of cackling here, realizing I hit a “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed in you” three pages into the first appearance of a parent. That has to be some sort of record. πŸ˜‚

So, uh. I know I just came back a few weeks ago, but I think I’m going to disappear again for awhile. I’m tremendously sorry, but things didn’t quite work out like I hoped in real life after I came back from my vacation, and I’m on a schedule that makes it very, very difficult to keep this on the rails and updating regularly. For my own sanity, I’m gonna step back for a little while and work on a short, easy fan comic to keep myself sharp until I get through the next couple of months.

There are a couple pages left in this batch, though, so I’ll continue to update for the next couple of weeks, and I’ll definitely keep y’all updated on Twitter on when I’m coming back.

The next update will be Monday, May 21.