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It’s been a minute!

And by minute I mean six months. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I was suffering some pretty acute burnout and … I still am. But I took some significant time off work, drew a short fandom comic, painted a couple of covers, traveled some more (I drove to Glacier National Park and Canada! I spent Christmas in London!), and in-between all of that, I did find time to ease back into drawing this. I can’t really guarantee any sort of regular updates like before, but I want to try something different, to hopefully make it easier for me as a creator and y’all as readers: I’m going to try to update in 3-5 page batches rather than weekly. Ideally, I’d like for these updates to occur every six weeksish, but I’m also trying to be mindful of burnout and not push myself too hard.

In good news, though, there are another five pages completely done and ready to be posted in February. And another four penciled — the update after next will be another five pager. And then, I guess, we’ll see how it goes from there! But that — along with today’s update — should add up to thirteen pages, which at least is a nice start to the year.

Happy 2019 y’all!