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This update is all Moreau, all the time!

… He wasn’t even in the first draft of this chapter, but I love grumpy henchmen so much that I had to work him in. (Plus, any scene that affords me the opportunity to have someone eat an apple with a knife is a win by me.) Now, normally, by this point in the chapter, I’d be looking to start wrapping things up, but this one might just be a double issue — I’ve finished drawing up through page twenty-five, and I feel like I’m maybe a little over halfway done.

Speaking of the next update, it should be another five pager, and it should be on-time-ish, sometime around the second or third week of March. I’m not sure, though, beyond that — some other projects may be landing on my plate soon, and I’ve got another episode gearing up in early March. I’ll try to keep y’all posted!