Happy Infinity War week! I mean, that is what we’re celebrating, right? (It’s Sunday morning as I’m writing this, and I’ll see it later this afternoon. You’re welcome to scream about it in the comments. >.>)

From a writing perspective, I always enjoy scenes like this because it’s interesting to me to explore what characters think of other characters, and I feel like those opinions can be revealing about both parties. Oriane doesn’t quite get Margot; she loves her dearly, but Margot’s motivations can be obtuse to her. She’s willing to shrug her behavior off rather than putting a whole lot of thought into why Margot does the things she does. It’s an expression of just how unconditional Oriane’s love is for her sister, but it’s also telling: Oriane may be too tangled up in her own emotions to worry much about others’.

So, uh, there’s your character analysis for the week! I hope y’all have a have a good one!

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