Today’s lovely Margot guest art is courtesy of Caitlin Like of Maiden of the Machine!

Maiden of the Machine is the story of Elizabeth Watson, a bright young woman in search of her place in the world — she doesn’t have the intrepid temperament of her swashbuckling older sister Abhaya, but she also doesn’t fit in at society soirees, either. Mostly, Elizabeth lives a quiet life of housework and piano, managing the household while Abhaya is out adventuring. But things change abruptly when she meets famed industrialist Victor Lovelace, who brings danger and mystery into her life … and also, perhaps, romance. :3

There is so much to enjoy in Maiden of the Machine, so I hope y’all will check it out! As for Califata, I’m not sure about next week’s update; it may be fanart, or perhaps some sketches if I have the time. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to resume updates after next week, though, since there are only two pages left in the chapter and I’ll definitely need to take a proper chapter break after them. Luckily, one page is already in the can!

The next update will be Monday, October 9.