Loris is the capital of the Kingdom of Sevonde. Founded along the banks of the River Alna, Loris is presently the seat of the throne and church. It’s a bustling, cosmopolitan city – a dozen languages can be heard in its ports and markets, while its salons set the latest trends in art and fashion. Loris is also home to four important cultural institutions: the University of Loris, the College of Califata, the Royal Society of Alchemists, and the Ascendant Brotherhood of Argenum.

The Kingdom of Sevonde enjoys a pleasant climate, with short, snowy winters and a long growing season. Politically, the country can be divided into three slices: the richest slice belongs to the ruling Trivoux dynasty, a thick strip of rolling green farm lands and country estates that cuts through the center of Sevonde. The Ducs of Desrosiers control the highlands of the west coast, while the vineyards and fishing villages of the House of Vaise lie to the east. (There are smaller duchies scattered across Sevonde, but they owe their fealty to these three principal families.)

Across the northern border is Issay, a quasi-sovereign state. Long ago, Sevonde conquered Issay, and even now Issay must pay tribute to Sevonde in return for Sevonde’s “friendship.” Issay’s weather is considerably cooler than its southern neighbor; it’s a rocky, swampy country, resource rich (timber and iron) but land poor. Issay has very few urban centers, and little in the way of universities and guilds. Its people are miners and subsistence farmers, largely uneducated and ruled by an elite of Sevondan nobles imported after a particularly bloody rebellion.

To the southwest of Sevonde, a short voyage across the Strait of Sardona, is the city state of Niccolena. Niccolena is governed by a council of city elders, and though tiny, is known to fight ferociously to maintain its independence. It is a city of bankers, merchants, Alchemists, and artists – a capital of learning and commerce, the “Jewel of Sardona.” Historically, Niccolena is an ally of Sevonde and maintains a strong diplomatic relationship with its king.

North of Niccolena are the vast plains of Luzetvia. Luzetvia also controls the island of Marintal off the coast of Sevonde; Luzetvia and Sevonde are ancient, bitter rivals.